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   My message for future aspirants is to be sincere with themselves and not to fool oneself by looking at solutions without really trying them. Remember hard work and sincere efforts always give good results. I would like to thank my parents, brothers, teachers, friends and EROSE for their motivation and encouragement provided. I feel that"EROSE is one of the best Institute for IIT-JEE coaching in the country. My advice to future aspirants is to join the right Institute and prepare sincerely and you will get the result, for which you aspire. Remember great pleasure oflife lie in doing those things what others say you can't do

Vineet Paliwal
1st Rank North Zone 9th (A.I.R) IIT-JEE

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Training & Development

Training and development (T&D) encompasses three main activities Training, Education, and Development.  Note that these ideas are often considered to be synonymous. However, to practitioners, they encompass three separate, although interrelated, activities

Training: This activity is both focused upon, and evaluated against, the job that an individual currently holds.

Education: This activity focuses upon the jobs that an individual may potentially hold in the future, and is evaluated against those jobs.

Development: This activity focuses upon the activities that the organization employing the individual, or that the individual is part of, may partake in the future, and is almost impossible to evaluate.

Training Programmes

1. Teachers Training Program (TTP)5. Academic Workshops for Teachers (AWT)
2. Students Mentoring Program (SMP)6. Career Counselling Orientations (CCO)
3. Comprehensive Training Principal (CTP)7. Stress Management (SM)
4. Principals Workshop (PW)8. Admin Training (AT)

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