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   I was motivated and guided by the teachers at Erose to keep on working. The study packages of Erose helped me a lot. stayed with Erose for two years and it indeed played a vital role in my success.

Nikhil Bansal
10th (A.I.R) in IIT-JEE

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var pieChart = new $jit.PieChart({
//id of the visualization container
injectInto: ‘infovis’,
//whether to add animations
animate: true,
offset: 30,
sliceOffset: 0,
labelOffset: 20,
//slice style
type: useGradients? ‘stacked:gradient’ : ‘stacked’,
//whether to show the labels for the slices
//resize labels according to
//pie slices values set 7px as
//min label size
resizeLabels: 7,
//label styling
Label: {
type: labelType, //Native or HTML
size: 20,
family: ‘Arial’,
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//enable tips
Tips: {
enable: true,
onShow: function(tip, elem) {
tip.innerHTML = “” + + “: ” + elem.value;
//load JSON data.

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